How do I add sick or vacation pay to hourly employees in the KitchenSync Payroll Module?

You can quickly and easily add sick or vacation hours directly in the time-clock screen for your hourly employees.

  1. Navigate to the Time Clock screen in the KitchenSync Payroll Module
  2. Navigate to the appropriate employee and click the blue arrow to the left of their name to expand their time entry details
  3. Click the "+" sign
  4. An "add new shift" pop up will appear
  5. Select 'sick' or 'vacation' from the Shift Type drop down
  6. Add the number of hours taken
  7. Ensure the location and department selection is correct
  8. Click "OK"
  9. Click "Save" on the bottom-right of the time clock page
  10. Navigate to the payroll summary or employee earnings screen to confirm that it saved properly


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