Connecting your point-of-sale system to KitchenSync

Initial integration and ongoing maintenance of the connection between your point-of-sale system and KitchenSync is completely handled by the KitchenSync team. All you need to do is provide remote access to your point-of-sale system's back end.

For users of cloud-based point-of-sale software (i.e. Toast, Breadcrumb, Revel):

  • Add a new user named "KitchenSync Admin" to your point-of-sale system, ensuring that full administrative rights are granted to the user. This user's email address should be set as 
  • TOAST users: navigate to "Integrations" > "My Integrations"; add "KitchenSync" as an integration partner.

For users of point-of-sale systems with on-site servers (i.e. Aloha, Micros, RPower):

  • Email with the name of your point-of-sale system, mentioning that you are ready to integrate. The KitchenSync support team will send you a customized link to download LogMeIn on your point-of-sale's server. Be sure to open this link from the computer that houses your point-of-sale back office. Once downloaded, the KitchenSync team will be able to access your server via a secure connection to complete the integration.