How do I change an employee's pay rate and/or position in KitchenSync's Payroll Module?

This article takes you through the steps of changing an employee's pay rate and/or position in the KitchenSync Payroll Module.


1. Log into KitchenSync and navigate to the Payroll Module

2. Click on the 'Employee' tab then 'Employment Info'

3. If the employee's position is not changing, click the edit icon in the appropriate job listing.

4. In the 'Change Job Info' pop-up, update the pay rate. *Make sure to select the appropriate (open) 'change effective' date.* Press save in the pop-up and save again on the employment info screen.

5. If the current position is ending, in the 'Change Job Info' pop-up, click 'End this Job' and select the appropriate 'end date'.

6. When you're ready to add a new position click "+ Add Job" in the same Employment Info screen. An "Add New Job" pop-up will appear:

  • Select the appropriate department and job title.
  • If you need to add a job click "+", type in the job title, then click '✓' to save the title.
  • Select a pay rate: hourly or yearly
  • Enter the appropriate rate
  • If necessary, apply the tip credit by marking off the designated box
  • Select the appropriate 'effective date'
  • Click save in the "Add New Job" pop-up
  • Click save again on the Employment Info screen

*Remember* If it is a new hourly position, you will need to map the employee on the 'POS Employee Mapping' screen once they start clocking-in. 

7. Review your work! When reviewing payroll, the Employee Earnings and Payroll Summary screen are a good place to review these updates.


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