How do I furlough an employee?

Furloughed employees should receive written notice with some key information to help them file for unemployment and understand how their benefits will be affected. Here is a sample furlough letter that can be edited to suit your needs.

[COMPANY NAME] (Company) regrets to inform you that you will be laid off from your position as [POSITION], effective [DATE]. This layoff is due to [REASON]. Your expected return to work date is [RETURN TO WORK DATE]. That date is subject to change based on [REASON].
You will continue to receive [LIST BENEFITS] indefinitely. If this layoff turns into termination of employment, we will send you a separate notice indicating any benefit end dates and continuance options.
We encourage you to apply for unemployment benefits while you are out of work if you are unable to immediately secure other employment. The following information may be useful in expediting your claim:
Employer legal name:
Employer Address:
Employer Phone:
State Unemployment ID:
You can find more information on state programs at [INSERT STATE UNEMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT WEB ADDRESS]. 
If your contact information changes during this furlough period, please provide updates to KitchenSync (424.248.9289 or or notify your manager. 
Thank you for your understanding.