How can I obtain electronic documentation for an employee's sick leave request?

You can easily dispatch a signature request to an employee to confirm the use of their sick time in

  1. Navigate to the employees file in
  2. Scroll down to the paperwork section and click Add New.
  3. Look for "Time Off/Sick Leave Form (Create Electronic Record)".
  4. Select the type of leave.
    1. Only select a type of leave applicable to your organization. 
  5. Enter their requested days off. 
    1. If the employee has requested only one day off, enter it in the "First Day Off" date picker; there is no need to enter the "Last Day Off".
    2. If the days off are not consecutive, choose the first and last day of the band, no need to send multiple requests.
  6. Enter the total number of hours requested. 
  7. For Document Date, enter the current date. 
  8. Click Save. 
    1. The employee will receive an email from Dropbox Sign requesting their signature on a prefilled form.