How do I save a copy of an employee's sexual harassment course completion certificate in

If you are using to manage your employee files and compliance deadlines, follow these instructions on how to upload a copy of your employees' harassment course certificates.

1. Log into

2. Find the employees profile by navigating to "Team Members" -> "All" -> then scan your list or search by name for the employee. 

3. Enter the employee's profile by clicking on their name, then scroll down to the "Paperwork" section and click "Add New."

4. Select "Sexual Harassment Training Certificate" as the document type.

5. Click on the "+Add" tab under Attachments to add a copy of the certificate. Select your file to upload. 

6. Enter the document date, which is the date that the certificate was achieved. 

7. You can ignore the notes section if there is no additional information to be noted.

8. Double check to make sure that the employee's certificate matches the name of the employee under the "Employee" section. 

9. The data that you entered and uploaded should look similar to the picture below. 

9. After you have completed each step listed above, select "Save."


If you run into any issues, please contact KitchenSync HR  at or 424.248.9289.