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How should I handle employee write-ups?

Managers can create and issue write-ups on their own, or they can reach out to KitchenSync for assistance.

The process for requesting employee write-ups generally works as follows:

A) Managers can use this form to create a performance counseling document to a) give to the employee; and b) save in the employee's file by sending a completed copy to hr@kitchensync.us.


B) When an employee violates a rule or behaves inappropriately, the supervisor on duty at the time can send a message to hr@kitchensync.us with the following information: 

  • Employee's name and position
  • Details of the problematic behavior:
    • eg. Late for shift - What was the expected start time? What time did the person arrive. Did they call a manager in advance? If so, when?
    • Absent - Did the employee call a manager in advance? If so, when? 
    • Harassment - As much details as possible, including behavior and language witnessed; names of witnesses and victims; how the situation was dealt with on the ground. 
    • Name of appropriate manager/supervisor who will need to sign off on the write up

If requested, we will work with the manager to decide the appropriate course of action. In many cases, that will be a conversation between the employee and their manager, followed by a write-up as official documentation. In other cases, that may be a conversation where you present the employee with a write-up and termination letter. Some cases might also call for a phone conference between the manager, employee, and a member of our HR team. 

Upon request, we will draft the write-up using the information collected from the manager. It will go to the employee's supervisor/manager for review before moving on to the employee. The message will be prefaced with the following notation: "You are receiving this notice as official documentation of an event that has taken place related to your employment. Please review and acknowledge receipt. You may provide a response if you desire. Should you have any questions, please contact your supervisor or the KitchenSync Human Resources department at 424.248.9289 or hr@kitchensync.us."

In the event that your employee does not have an email address, we will still send the form to you for signature, and you will then have to print it out, collect the employee's signature in-person, then send the signed version back to hr@kitchensync.us.

4. We will save the completed documents to the employee's file. This will allow us to identify trends with particular employees, and also allow for quick access to information required to protest unemployment or other labor-related claims.