How do I map employees in the KitchenSync Payroll Module?

Follow these steps to match new employees or new positions for existing employees between your point-of-sale system and the Labor Module in KitchenSync.

  1. Access the 'POS Employee Mapping' Feature which can be found under the "Employees" section in the Labor Module application of KitchenSync:
  2. Match the "POS Employee Name" to the appropriate "Payroll Employee" and "Payroll Job" via the drop down lists.
    1. If the "POS Employee Name" is someone that should not be included on payroll, you can ignore their record by using the "ignore button". 
  3. Save any changes.
  4. After mapping is complete, the employee’s hours should appear in the "Time Clock" section, beginning at the date of their first POS clock-in for the mapped position.
  5. Be sure to complete the mapping process each week before the payroll deadline: Tuesday's at 9pm.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If an employee has multiple positions, you will have to separately “map” each one of them to the corresponding Payroll Job.
  • If the employee’s name or position does not appear in the payroll drop-down lists, check the following:
    • Has the employee’s profile been set up in KitchenSync?
    • Has the employee’s position been added to his profile?
  • If the employee's hours for the newly mapped position do not appear in the time clock after mapping is complete, check the following:
    • Did you save the changes?
    • Is the start date for the position correct on the Employment Info page?
    • Did the employee actually clock into the POS for the shift(s) in question?
  • If you are still experiencing issues, please contact support by calling or texting 424-248-9289 or emailing
    • The problem is likely due to mapping to an inactive, duplicate, or incorrect name or position.


The mapping function has a direct impact on employee wages and paychecks. Please use the utmost caution when going through this process.

Mapping a POS Employee Name to the incorrect Payroll Employee will result in the wrong person being paid.

Mapping a POS Job to the incorrect Payroll Job may result in hours paid at an incorrect rate and inaccurate labor reports.

Ignoring a POS Employee Name may result in an employee not being paid.