How do I access candidates through KitchenSync's Teams portal?

How do I access candidates through KitchenSync's Teams portal?

KitchenSync has created its own applicant tracking system. This portal can be accessed by going to . This will take you to the login
site pictured:

Enter the email address that you provided to KitchenSync during implementation. This is likely the same email that you use to log into financial reports and payroll.

  1. 1)  Hit “send login code”. This will email you a login code to this email address. This is used in place of a “password” each time you log in so you do not need to remember one.

  2. 2)  Enter your login code and hit “login”.

When the homepage loads the top of the screen will appear similar to what you see below...

In the top of the blue panel click the second option from the left, “applications”. This will then change the options in the second row within the blue panel. See below...

You will now select “manager review”. If you do not have all of the categories listed in this example that is okay. If you do not show “manager review” please contact KitchenSync at for assistance.

Once you are in the applications → manager review screen, you can sort the candidates listed based on the various positions that you have asked for us to assist in recruiting for.

You can sort by by clicking on “position” and selecting the one you want from the drop down menu. Or select “applied to” and choose the store location, if you have more than one. All of your candidates will then populate below as in the example that follows:

page1image46490240 page1image47301440 page1image47301648page1image47302896 page1image46490624 page1image47301856page1image47303936

Please note the headers highlighted in yellow in the image above. Be sure to click on the name of an individual applicant as opposed to the “position” column. Otherwise, this will take you to the job posting.


Each candidate has a page that looks like the one above. It provides their contact information, resume and other details that might relate to the person. Once you have reviewed a candidate or interviewed them it is very important to maintain the database to reflect the status of each applicant. This can be done by clicking on the three black dots to the left of “pass”, as pictured above in yellow. Then select “edit” from the drop down.

You will then scroll down the page to where it says “internal status”. Select the update that is appropriate for the candidate. If you are no longer considering them please hit “eliminated”. This will then prompt you to fill in a “pass reason” as highlighted in yellow:


**Reminder: Do not forget to hit save after each update that you make or changes will be lost**