What are the core documents that new employees need to complete?

Onboarding documentation varies from state to state, but here is the list of required and highly recommended onboarding forms.

Federally required

State and locally required

  • State/local withholding tax form (not required/available in some states)
  • Worker's compensation policy information (not required in some states)
  • Employer unemployment account information
  • Paid family leave insurance policy information (not required in some states)
  • Certain employee rights notices
  • Sexual harassment training certificate (not required in some states)


  • Pay rate notice (format varies by state)
  • Employee handbook
  • Tip policy/tip credit acknowledgment
  • Alcohol awareness policy
  • Direct deposit enrollment form
  • Emergency contact info form
  • Benefits enrollment instructions
  • Food handler's certification

Consider for certain positions

  • Offer letter
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Non-solicitation agreement
  • Arbitration agreement