What do I do with supplier invoices & credits?

Your data entry days are over. Just scan and send your invoices, credit memos, receipts, and vendor statements to your dedicated invoice inbox and our team will process and code them within 24 hours.

Every restaurant location is issued a custom invoice inbox email, which is typically [restaurantname]@kitchensync.us. If you are not sure of your specific inbox email, reach out to our support team to have it resent.

Remember to use your dedicated inbox to send PDFs or image files of all of your restaurants':

  • vendor invoices
  • credit memos
  • credit card or cash receipts
  • account statements

Note that many KitchenSync users simply use their mobile devices to scan these documents over to us as they are received. If you would prefer to do the same, we recommend using a free scanner app on your phone to instantly create PDFs of these documents rather than sending large image files. 

Keep in mind that, if you receive a high volume of invoices each day, you will find it much faster and easier to use a desktop scanner with a feeder to create a single PDF of your invoices each day. You do NOT need to create a single PDF for each invoice, as our system is smart enough to break up a file that includes dozens of invoices, receipts, and credit memos together. 

Here are some other important notes about your invoice inbox:

  • The inbox only reads attachments, so copy support@kitchensync.us if there are any special notes in the body of your email submission
  • Submitted PDFs must be smaller than 20 MB and less than 250 pages in length
  • Prepaid invoices should be marked as "paid by [payment method]' to avoid being added to the system as unpaid, which could lead to double payment
  • Invoice items crossed off or marked as 'returned' on scanned bills will be credited automatically against the invoice total
  • Receipts that require personal reimbursement should list the payee on them
  • Although processing time is typically much faster, please allow up to 24 hours for invoices or credits to post to your reports
  • If items are used for uncommon purposes (i.e. produce for liquor drinks) and should be coded to reflect that, please hand-write your coding preference next to the line item prior to scanning