What do I need to provide to KitchenSync to get started with the Payroll Administration service?

We can pull much of this information ourselves if we have access to your current payroll system or you are using other KitchenSync services. If you don't have an existing payroll, we will need more help from you.

Tax Documents:

  • EIN letter from the IRS (aka SS-4)^
  • Quarterly Tax Returns from current payroll year (last quarter of previous year if starting in Q1)*
  • Proof of State Unemployment Rate and ID number*

Bank Information:

  • Voided check^; or
  • Letter from you bank showing routing number and account number (aka MICR Spec Sheet); and
  • Confirmation on whether you would like net payroll checks drawn on your bank account as a) one lump sum, or b) check-by-check as they are cashed
    • We recommend lump sum withdrawals if cash-flow permits

Payroll Settings:

  • Payroll Frequency: Weekly or Biweekly (not permitted in some states)*
  • Pay period dates and next check date (Monday-Sunday period recommended)*
  • Wages for the previous Quarter(s) summarized by employee*
  • Wages for current Quarter by check date, broken out by employee*
  • Wages Year to Date Report, summarized by employee*
  • Tip payout methods:
    • Do your employees take their cash home, or give it to the house to be redistributed in paychecks?
    • Do you pay out credit card tips in cash, or include them in paychecks?
  • Will your tips be pulled in from your POS or will you be providing those to us on a spreadsheet?
  • Delivery address for checks and reports
  • Vacation and sick policy outlines and current employee balances*
  • Health insurance contributions* (Employee and employer)*
  • 401k contributions (Employee and employer)*
  • Child Support Order, State Tax Levy Orders, and other ongoing deductions that need to be configured*
  • Workers Compensation policy declaration and codes*

Employee Information:

  • Employee Demographics (This pertains only to current employees prior to your implementation to KitchenSync.)
    • Social security number*
    • Tax withholding selections (W-4)*
  • Birth Date*
  • Direct Deposit information*
  • Email Address*
  • Mailing address*
  • Phone number*
  • Position(s) and corresponding rate(s) of pay

*Can be pulled from existing payroll processing system.

^ Also required for KitchenSync bookkeeping services.