Do I have to give employees a written notice of their pay rate?

Many states require employers to notify their employees of their pay rate and pay day, in writing, upon hire and when the pay rate changes (especially if it gets decreased). Each state has its own rules, so check with your local labor department.

Here is a template showing the information typically required for any state. 


If you are subscribed to our Human Resources (HR) service:

We will complete and send out this form to your employees automatically whenever you notify us of a change in their pay rate.  HR subscribers have several options for conveying rate change information.

1. Enter the update in the KitchenSync payroll module. This is the most immediate and streamlined way to make the change. (Click here for instructions.)

2. Call or text us at 424.248.9289 and ask to speak to a payroll or HR representative. We may ask you to confirm changes in writing if you call. 

3. Email with your request. Be sure to include the employee's name, position, new pay rate, and the change effective date.