I signed up for KitchenSync bookkeeping. Now what?

In order to begin preparing your financial and operational reports, we will need to gain access to some of your systems and documents. Please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: The Implementation Coordinator will let you know what email address and phone number to use when creating custom logins for the accounts listed. 
  1. Create a new POS user with access to view all sales, payments, and labor reports. 
  2. Provide access to your existing general ledger account (Quickbooks, Xero, etc) by adding 'KitchenSync Admin' as a new user.  (For Quickbooks Online, add the user as an Accountant.) If you do not have an existing general ledger account, notify your Accounting Manager and we will set one up for you at our discounted wholesale rate.
  3. Create a custom online banking login with access to all business accounts and the ability to view historical statements and check images. 
  4. Provide an image of the signature of the bank account owner, signed with a black marker/Sharpie on a blank white background.
  5. Provide online access to all company credit card accounts for purchase tracking. 
  6. Provide online access to all delivery and merchant processing accounts (DoorDash, UberEats, etc).
  7. Provide online access to your state/local sales tax account
  8. Provide online access to your existing payroll account (if applicable).
  9. Provide online access to all active utility accounts (electricity, water, trash, phone, internet, etc.).
  10. Email all active insurance policies, including Worker's Compensation, General Liability, and, if applicable, Employment Practices Liability and Property. Alternatively, notify your team if you would like us to source quotes on new policies from our industry partners. 
  11. Email your operating agreement, which is required to identify capital infusions and to calculate future profit distributions. 
  12. Email your last completed business tax return (if applicable).
  13. Email any active equipment leases.
  14. Email your current property lease or mortgage documentation. 
  15. Email any loan documents pertaining to currently outstanding debt. 
  16. Email a list of all vendors; note if they are currently on auto-pay, ACH, and/or paid via credit card, and any recent inventory counts.

If you also signed up for payroll, please review this list as well.